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June 24, 2020

Hoping for the best! Seems like things are opening up. Don't screw it up.

About Us


My name is Douglas Smith and I've been cycling in Nova Scotia for more than 25 years now. I used to go to all the mountain bike races in Nova Scotia for a long time and enjoy them all. My focus has always been mountain biking, but I've done my share of road, touring, and cyclecross events too. I consider my home single track to be those in Gore now called the Empire Trails, but these days Hillsborough are my go to trails as they are only about 30 minutes away from where I am now living and are some of the best in the Maritimes in my opinion to date.

Why does this Exist?

Our provinces are small and we should all work together more often. We routinely travel between provinces and I hope this calendar lets us plan and see all events in one place.

As I now live in Moncton I am trying to keep track of the races in New Brunswick and home in Nova Scotia and it was a chore with the poor state of the Bicycle Nova Scotia race/event calendar. I hope this list helps you plan and find events you want to attend. Without it you have to search through Facebook pages/groups and events, the provincial calendars, and other websites. I brought them all together in one place.

Focus of this Website

I want to list all the popular or official events. This includes provincial series, fondo, enduro, downhill, time trial, crit, short track, and so on. I also want to include epic rides that are not officially organized, that attract many people like the Wolfville Roubaix that just occurred.