Maritime Cycling Race Calendar

Spindatt Stewiacke Stingray Supercross

June 2, 2019 in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia

The first ever Spindatt ride (where people just so happened to start at the same spot). Far from a truly organized event, the randomly gathered group will start from the Stewiacke Community centre and just so happen to follow the route that is listed below. Weird how that works. Lots of parking OUT BACK and to the side in overflow. (Littering will not be tolerated) ALL RIDERS PARTICIPATE SOLELY AT THEIR OWN RISK, understanding that these are open roads upon which every individual rider accepts their responsibility to follow the rules of the road. Please be reasonable and courteous with drivers, and of course, fellow riders! Based on varying levels of rider capability: the pace is yet to be fully determined. I suspect I will average anywhere from 27 to 30 km/hr for the time of year and dryness of the gravel roads. Do not feel pressured to ride that pace.. take as long as you need, or fly ahead as required. After all.. we just all happen to be on the road at the same time. Route is a mix of asphalt and gravel, with a happy amount of climbing. Prime will be had: Meadow Road Climb. Study this. I will be getting a Crunch Wrap Supreme after this ride. Feel free to join.

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